AC Repair

When it comes to professional repairs and installation of Air Conditioning in Texas City, Galveston, and the Greater Houston area, you can count on us to handle both your residential and commercial property. After over a decade and a half of providing top-quality professional work in our field, owners trust our expertise at LRT Air Conditioning and Heating. There is no air conditioning repair or installation that we cannot handle.

Air conditioner installation and repairs are not DIY projects. While you may think that it is easy enough to do on your own, it is still best to leave the job to professionals. At LRT Air Conditioning and Heating, our repair technicians are guaranteed to provide efficient and prompt service. We never like to keep our customers waiting, so we make every effort to send someone to your home or office within a few minutes of your call.

All LRT Air Conditioning and Heating technicians have years of experience and are continuously trained on every aspect of air conditioning repair and installation. We also specialize in the replacement of parts, as well as the whole unit. While you may think that you are saving money doing installation and repairs on your own, you actually may cause more damage which would be expensive to fix.

We are also capable of troubleshooting issues with any conditioning system. Air conditioners develop system issues over time, which affect the comfort of your home or office. While these issues are normal, you do not have the training and experience to identify these problems and perform the necessary repairs. Besides, why go through all the trouble of trying to fix your air conditioner when you can simply give us a call?

When you need air conditioning installation and repairs, call LRT Air Conditioning and Heating, the best overall company. We have 3 branches that cover the areas from Galveston to Greater Houston.